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Sochi - 2014

  • Employees and students of Kuban State University (8 people) were honoured to become the Olympic torchbearers and took part in the Olympic Torch Relay in Krasnodar;
  • Volunteers’ team of the Volunteers Centre in Kuban State University was one of the most numerous during the Games, consisting of 1, 580 volunteers. They have been working worked successfully seven functional directions, requiring knowledge of foreign languages: Linguistic Service, Protocol, Cooperation with the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees, Cooperation with the National Olympic and Paralympic Committees, guests, arrivals and departures, Mass Media, Property Management;
  • As a result of volunteering activity during the Games «Sochi-2014» all volunteers of the Volunteer Centre in Kuban State University have obtained the notes of thanks from Russian Federation Prime Minister Deputy Kozak D. N. and Organizing Committee President “Sochi-2014” Chernyshenko D. N.;
  • Kuban State University students (250 people), successfully qualified the selection, organized by INO «Ceremonial Agency», took part in mass scenes as actors during the  Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the XXII Winter Olympic Games and the XI Winter Paralympic Games 2014 in Sochi;
  • Teaching staff and students of Kuban State University were involved in the Games «Sochi 2014» as interpreters for operational help to organizations and services that were in charge of security assurance during the Games;
  • Student-volunteer of the Department of Economics Novikov Dmitriy represented the volunteers community among the best volunteers on the arena of «Fisht» Olympic Stadium during the Closing Ceremony of the XI Winter Paralympic Games;
  • Kuban State University staff and postgraduate students of the Department of Chemistry and High Technologies have been working for a period of the Games «Sochi-2014» in Olympic Temporary Laboratory (antidoping control) according to the treaty signed with FGUE «Antidoping centre»;
  • Sportsmen, guests, fans and experts have highly estimated professional competence of the personnel during the Games «Sochi-2014», whose training has been conducted with participation of Kuban State University according to the execution of the Governmental Commissions of the Russian Federation and in correspondence with the Directive, made by the Department of Education and Science of the Russian Federation;
  • Photo exhibitions «Voluntary. Winter. Ours» and exhibitions of the Olympic badges took place from 2nd to 18th of April in Kuban State University. The University staff and students, who represented the University during the Games «Sochi-2014», participated in the above exhibitions.

*INO – Independent Non–profit organization
*FGUE – Federal Governmental Unitary Enterprise