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KubSU Library

The University Library

A brief history. The history of the Library is inseparable from the history of the University which was established in 1920. The first Head of the University, an outstanding scholar and a pedagogue, Nikandr Aleksandrovich Marx, was sure that “a higher educational institution cannot exist without competent scientists and scholars and a good collection of books”.

A great contribution to the formation of the library fund was made by other universities of the country as well as by the first lecturers who contributed to the university library not only their scientific publications but also rare books from their own private libraries.

The library fund grew very guickly and the library became the centre of the academic life possessing a rich collection of rare and unigue books.

The University library to-day: funds and structure

The Library of Kuban State University is one of the biggest libraries in the south of Russia. It is the only library of the 1st category among the other university libraries of the Krasnodar terrirory; it is a member of the Russian Library Association (RLA) and a member of the International Federation of Library Association (IFLA).

The library comprises 16 departments / divisions and 11 libraries in the service of the University numerous affiliations in Novorossijsk, Abinsk, Gelendjik and other towns of the Krasnodar territory.

The Library meets the needs of more than 29 000 readers (students, post-graduate students and professors and lecturers of the University ). The Library personnel includes more than 120 librarians, 80% of them being the professionals with higher education.

The University fund houses more than 1 mln 200 thousand printed items consisting of books of fiction, scientific, academic and foreign literature, periodicals and journals.

The Library takes pride in the collection of rare books published in the XYII – XXI c.c.

The Library has 7 reading rooms and 500 places for readers. There are libraries attached to faculties, often consisting of modern specialized literature (professionally biased textbooks, manuals and periodicals).

The Library is one of the centres of the university students* activities. The forms of the Library communication with its readers are actually various: debating clubs, exhibitions of books, literary thematic reviews, presentations of new books, meetings with writers and journalists.

The Library Information System

The Library is actively involved in developing electronic information. It parlicipales in the online catalogue. The library shares an extensive range of e-resources across all subject areas.


Director - Solovyova Galina Vasilyevna
Stavropolskaja str., 149
Krasnodar, Russia
Tel.: (861)21-99-552