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KubSU & Krasnodar Territory

KubSU in Academic, Socioeconomic and Cultural Clusters of the Territory

Staff training for socioeconomic and innovative development of Southern Russia

  • A modular approach based on interdisciplinary cooperation in reforming institutional, methodological and technological resources of the educational process is one of the principles used for implementation of educational standards in KubSU. One of the main conditions for realization of this approach is adaptation of staff training for the innovation economy of the territory to change environmental conditions; on the basis of the interdisciplinary modular-competency approach KubSU trains Bachelors in 73 qualifications framework programmes (including 12 practice-oriented), Masters - in 40 programmes;
  • Staff training for socioeconomic and innovative development of Southern Russia is conducted on the basis of 244 higher educational programmes, including 120 based on FSES (Bachelors - 73, Masters - 40, Specialists - 7), 60 programmes of training  top-qualification staff, 16 SVE (Secondary vocational education) programmes, 48 additional professional programmes;
  • Practice of cooperation and joint academic activity agreements with potential employers of KubSU graduates - factories, organizations, institutions,  business entities;
  • KubSU optimized interaction with educational institutions of Krasnodar Territory to test new forms of organization and  implementation of teaching practice in the framework of the project "Formation of professional competency of Pedagogics and Pedagogics and Psychology Masters' graduates to design new educational contents and assess its quality in terms of introduction of new FSES (Federal State Educational Standarts) through the organization of teaching practice on the basis of innovative educational network" realizing in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. According to this order KubSU receives the status of Federal innovation platform.
  • Using a network form of higher education programs' realization, KubSU and St. Petersburg State University of Economics trained specialists responsible for preservation and energy efficiency in organizations and institutions of the public sector of Krasnodar Territory and The Republic of Adygea (991 specialists), according to the professional development programme "Practical Questions of State Policy's Implementation in the Sphere of Preservation and Energy Efficiency" realized as a part of the Russian Federation state programme "Preservation and Energy Efficiency" approved by the RF Federal Government on April 3, 2013 № 512-r;
  • KubSU provides professional development training on the basis of agreements with the Administration of Krasnodar Territory, state ministries and departments, other state structures, as well as organizations, institutions and enterprises belonging to different forms of ownership; in 2014 KubSU developed close cooperation in the sphere of professional development training with major business organizations working in Krasnodar Territory: OOO "Amway", ANO "Energopersonal", ZAO "Yugneftemash", OAO "Krasnodarstroy", OAO "Rostelecom", OAO "Kuban-Knauf", OOO "Gazprom Transgaz Krasnodar", OOO "Rosneft" etc.


Transfer of knowledge and results of scientific research for promotion of socioeconomic and innovative development of Southern Russia

  • The work of all departments of KubSU innovation infrastructure (Technopark, business incubator, 10 small innovative enterprises, 10 research institutes, 27 academic centers, 3 research centers, 2 common use centers, 10 scientific laboratories), is closely connected with factories, organizations, institutions, business entities of Krasnodar Territory and Southern Russia in the framework of a contractual relationship;
  • The research activity of KubSU involves continuous and qualitative monitoring of the atmosphere and hydrosphere, development and usage of new technologies for processing and  utilization of waste and man-made mineral formations, developing technologies for reducing the risk and consequences of  industrial disasters;
  • The Research Center for prediction and prevention of geo-ecological and industrial disasters of KubSU conducts studies of seismic activity in Krasnodar Territory;
  • The Centre for comprehensive studies of the Eastern Azov Kuban (KubSU-affiliated center in Slavyansk-on-Kuban) conducts scientific projects according to the results of local expeditions of teachers and students, aimed at the multifaceted studying of the territory and solving problems of its development. The projects' results are presented at the local department of the Russian Geographical Society;
  • Kuban State University has established a competence center for inclusive education and international educational programs in pedagogics and psychology, one of the main tasks of which is to consult and improve qualification of representatives of state education authorities, as well as to hold seminars on inclusive education;
  • Kuban State University organizes the functioning of State Kuban Information Network of Education, Science and Culture KUBANnet on the basis of which a corporate network KUBANnetEDU is built uniting almost all (more than 1200) educational agencies and municipal bodies of educational authorities in Krasnodar Territory;
  • Kuban State University has elaborated a set of measures concerning prevention of sociopolitical conflicts and terrorism in Krasnodar Territory as well as state safety control on the basis of research projects involving usage of interdisciplinary approaches.


Development of Innovative Potential of the Southern Federal District by Consolidating the Efforts of Academic Institutions and Business

  • Creating a network of distributed multidisciplinary research laboratories, including research groups of universities of the Krasnodar Territory and the Southern Federal Regeon as well as distributed laboratories with industrial partners;
  • Expansion of a network of small innovative enterprises, organized under the guidance of Kuban State University;
  • Development of a multiple-access center "Diagnostics of Nanostructures and Materials" and eco-analytical Center for systematical studies of mathematical modeling and environmental safety in the South of Russia.

School Students, Students and Young Scientists Taking Part in Solving Current Problems of Modern Science; Development of Their Creativity

  • A Laboratory of Robotics and Mechatronics was set up in KubSU to encourage research activity of students, postgraduate students and young scientists of Kuban State University as well as their participation in innovative projects; the Laboratory team succedeed in carrying out research projects which were presented at the International Investment Forum "Sochi 2014" (citation of the Minister of strategic development of the Krasnodar Territory), at international festivals - "Days of Robotics in Sochi" (third place), "Robofinist" in St. Petersburg (in the top 10), «DSTU Robotics» in Rostov-on-Don (second and third places), in the framework of the federal fund of "Skolkovo" - "All-Russian Startup Tour" (5 projects in the shortlist), at the state robotics festival Techfest 2014 (all awards).
  • Training students and post-graduate students for taking part in competitions, different intellectual and creative contests with the following confirmation of high educational standarts of KubSU: first and second prizes in Krasnodar Territory at the regional level and the first prize in the Russian Federation at the state level of an international students tax competition; the third degree at International Universiade in Biology at Lomonosov Moscow State University; 4 gold and 2 silver medals at the tenth International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies "Novoje Vremja" (Sebastopol); first and third degrees at the VI International exhibition-competition of contemporary art "St. Petersburg Art Week", etc.
  • Organizing competitions in KubSU for high school and junior students ("Youth Olympus", "Nanotechnology in Electronics, Photonics, Medicine", "Global environmental problems in the world today", "Aquatic ecosystems of the South of Russia: development and protection"); representatives of Krasnodar Territory, the Republic of Adygea and the Stavropol Territory take part in these competitions.
  • Conducted by KubSU in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Krasnodar Territory and the Center of additional education for children:
    • regional level of national school general subjects contest and territorial journalism contest, with leading professors and associate professors taking part in subject-methodical boards and being the jury members;
    • trainings for preparing school students to take part in contests of different levels;
    • the final stage of the XIV school projects competition organized as a part of a regional scientific-practical conference "Eureka" of Kuban Junior Academy of Sciences.