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Pre-university course for international students

Kuban State University, like most Russian universities, uses Russian as the language of instruction. Therefore, if one decides to continue education, get a diploma (Bachelor's or Master's) or defend a thesis at our University, they should have a sufficient level of the Russian language. Language training is offered by the preparatory Department of Kuban State University, which implements additional general education programs preparing foreign citizens to the professional educational programs conducted in Russian language. The offered programs meet the requirements of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and include Russian language traning as well as academic disciplines in the chosen profession (specialization).

The Preparatory Department provides five training programs, which also meet the requirements of education standards of pre-University training in Russia.

  • Economics program: Russian language (748 hours), mathematics (120 hours), computer science (72 hours), social studies (120 hours), history of Russia (120 hours).
  • Humanities program: Russian language (748 academic hours), Russian literature (72 academic hours), history of Russia (120 academic hours), social studies (120 academic hours).
  • Medicine and Biology program: Russian language (748 academic hours), chemistry (120 academic hours), physics (100 academic hours), biology (120 academic hours).
  • Natural Sciences program: Russian language (748 academic hours), mathematics (120 academic hours), physics (100 academic hours), chemistry (120 academic hours).
  • Engineering program: Russian language (748 academic hours), mathematics (120 academic hours), physics (100 academic hours), computer science (72 academic hours), drawing (60 academic hours).

We recommend you to pre-select a training program related to your subsequent studies at one of the University's faculties.

It is important to know that in Russian higher education institutions, one lesson lasts 1.5 astronomical hours without a break or 2 academic hours (i.e. 1 academic hour = 45 minutes). The above number of academic hours in Russian and specialized disciplines includes only classroom time.

Russian language sections are held in groups of 8-10 people. Groups for specialized disciplines are formed of 14 to 20 students. The proficiency level in Russian is determined by preliminary testing, there are groups for elementary level students, along with ones for more advanced learners.

The period of training at the Preparatory Department takes 10 months in total, i.e. a full academic year, which usually starts on September 1. The academic year is divided into 2 semesters: the autumn semester / First semester: September 1- December 31; the spring semester / Second semester January 10 – June 30. The first semester mainly includes intensive training in Russian (4-6 ac.hours per day); the selected specialization’s subjects are gradually added to the language classes.

Lessons that a student misses or ones coinciding with Russian national holidays will not be filled in.

After completing their studies at the Preparatory Department, foreign students have to pass final test on the Russian language and two other tests on disciplines of the chosen specialization. Based on the testing results, a Certificate of Kuban State University is issued. Please note that passing the Preparatory Department exams/tests does not equal University admission.

The educational program of the Preparatory Department is in demand mainly among those going to continue their studies at our University and get a diploma (Bachelor/Master/Specialist). However, this program does not obstruct the intentions of those wishing to study only the Russian language, culture and/or history of Russia. If you already speak Russian at an intermediate level and want to improve your language skills and/or learn more about the culture, literature or history of the Russian Federation etc., you can join this program from the second semester.

In the 2019/2020 academic year, the tuition fee at the Preparatory Department is 102,200 rubles. For all students, there is a possibility of per-semester payment. Please note that this amount only includes tuition fee. Accommodation at the KubSU dormitory and other services are paid separately.

Contact information

Diana P. Katrchieva Director of the International cultural and educational center