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The teachers of the preparatory department of Kuban State University took part in the Summer Language Club "Summertime Russian"

The work of the Summer Language Club “Summertime Russian 2021” has come to an end. From July, 19 to August, 15, 2021, hundreds of international students and applicants attended the online classes and studied Russian under the guidance of university teachers, which are involved in the network partnership "Russian Exporting Universities" (REU).

The students of the Language Club mastered the program, within which interesting topics were discussed: national traditions, stereotypes, cuisine of the peoples of the world, travel, books, cinema, public life, ecology, digitalization, pandemic and many others. It is important that the communication took place in spoken Russian, this facilitated mutual understanding.

From Kuban State University – a network partner – teachers of the preparatory department of Kuban State University took part in the work of the Club.

Residents of different countries were interested not only in the topics of discussion stated in the program, but they also put forward their ideas - to talk about literature, architecture, history, travel around Russia and about the daily life of Russian people. Many participants would like to continue communicating with new friends and teachers in the future.

A student from Brazil, Luis, admitted that it was very interesting for him to attend classes, learn Russian and communicate with people of other countries: Taiwan, Ecuador, Greece. "There were interesting topics: Russian superstitions, stereotypes about the characters of people in Russia and other countries, slang. We talked about big cities and villages, about national cuisines, about Russian cinema. The teacher was very good. But it's a pity that we could only meet vie Internet. I hope that the Language Club will work next year, " said Luis.

Anastasia Sokolovskaya, a teacher of the Summer Language Club “Summertime Russian 2021”, an employee of Kuban State University, shared her impressions of participating in the Club:

«Russian culture, art, customs and traditions, and the peculiarities of the Russian mentality have been studied in-depth for 8 classes. The students received unique information for each of the classes, and in response they were happy to share stories about their countries and cultures. As part of one of the classes, students chose a film to watch from the list of various Russian-production films that I offered. Someone watched the modern film "Coach", other -the comedy "Christmas Trees", and some of the students got acquainted with the Soviet comedy feature film, shot in 1965 - "Operation "Y" and other adventures of Shurik". Russian cinema was a delight for all the students, and through watching films we got to know the Russian mentality and even the Russian traditions better. Thanks to watching films, students have a lot of lexical material for use in everyday life when speaking Russian. Over the past month, we have also managed to talk about cultural recreation: students got acquainted with Russian museums, theaters and monuments, virtually traveled around Russia and around the world. Each class was emotional, fun and, most importantly, effective! I am grateful to the students of group No. 6 for the incredible outputs, emotions, smiles that they gave to me and each other at every class. “Summertime Russian 2021” is a unique opportunity to improve your Russian!"

This year the Summertime Russian Summer Language Club is the first swallow of the Russian Exporting Universities network partnership among joint events. The comfortable format allowed us to make foreign youth interested and involved them, in fact, in a socio-cultural project, thanks to which our culture, primarily the Russian Language, has become closer to hundreds of people.

"The language barrier and incorrect attitudes should not become an obstacle to improving the competitiveness of Russian education at the international level. This is a task that we will be able to cope with together. The Russian Language is rich and beautiful; representatives of different countries are eager to learn Russia. And the teachers of the Club managed to reveal the capabilities of Russian to the students. According to the feedback of the participants and the impressive geography – the participants of the program were representatives of more than 40 countries – we can recognize the project as effective. We will continue to develop such formats in the future, " said Natalia Ivanova, Head of the IPR MEDIA Group of Companies.